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MaremmAlta, tradition that continues…
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Where quality , tradition , elegance , attention to detail and freshness , capture the senses so as to produce emotions …
red wine with vineyard


We started with four wines so that they could express in their individual types , the essence of the Designation of Origin Monteregio of Massa Marittima . These wines come from grapes from our vineyards that at the time amounted to five hectares , the production of bottles in 2007 by a small amount , and this promotes an extreme research quality . When we had to decide for our labels we had no doubts . The Maremma was the cradle of the Etruscan civilization , unique culture and mysterious deeply rooted in this part of Tuscany . Within a radius of less than sixty miles from our company are the most important Etruscan archaeological sites such as Roselle , Populonia , Vetulonia , Vulci , Massa Marittima . On our labels is the figure of an angel Etruscan mythological figure but also country , in fact the angel in the guise of man regulated fertility and was of good omen for the crops.

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